Plinko Game Review

Plinko Game Review

Plinko Game by BGaming - This Slot Game is perfect for mobile players.
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Plinko Game Review

Plinko Game Review
Plinko Game Review

Plinko Game Review by BGaming – Never heard the game name Plinko? That’s fine, and we’ll enlighten you with great pleasure. Let’s go back to the time of far eightieth when the generation of young and old viewers screamed at their television at the TV-show contestants for their behaviour. It was “The Price is Right” show, and everyone loved it.

The show’s executive producer, Frank Wayne, developed the game Plinko and premiered it in 1983. But what does the word “Plinko” means, you might ask.

The answer is as simple as the game itself: because of the sound “plink, plink, plink”, the ball makes while slipping down the board towards slots with rates. Even though the game is easy as pie, people genuinely love Plinko, and even here, we can find some kind of a psychological side. Philosophically speaking, Plinko is a metaphor for life.

Why? Because it’s a mix of luck and misfortune, joy and disappointment, and all in all a whole gamut of emotions in the form of a board. You walk up to the top of it, push the ball and step by step, pray it will give the rewards you seek. It is like a Pandora’s Box, right? We hope, we desire, and it gives and takes away simultaneously. Maybe, that’s the reason why people are drawn to Plinko. Play the Plinko Game at Kryptosino Casino Today!

Plinko Game Review

The Plinko game is easy as pie but so enjoyable and thrilling. Make the “plink-plink-plink” ball the main hero of your brand-exclusive game! The light rebranding of Plinko or a completely new game with an upgraded design, RTP, features, and game settings…

Plinko Game Review – How to Play Plinko?

Bgaming made the Plinko more interesting because you can choose from 8 to 16 lines and a risk level from low to high. You can play 1 ball at the tame or as many as you want and the betting range is set between $1 and $100.

 How to Play Plinko?
Plinko Game Review

If you want to win real cash and not just mess around while having some fun, you’ll have to stake Plinko bets with real money. Thankfully, it’s a fair game with a high theoretical RTP, so there’s every chance you’ll get on a winning run at some point!

You can also place Plinko crypto bets at our crypto casinos, many of which have integrated Plinko nicely into their apk.

In any case, we recommend you play Plinko for real money only once you’ve given it a go for free, as described above. Choose the level of customization and strengthen the ties with your players using something they love most — quality slots and unique experiences!

Plinko Game Review Features

Plinko Game Features
Plinko Game Review

Choose the bet amount with -/+ or Min and Max buttons, then choose the Risk Level (Low, Normal and High). After that, choose the number of lines (between 8 and 16), and you are ready to go. 

The rewards depend on the number of lines and Risk level. When you are playing 16 lines and high-level risk, the best reward is 1000x your bet.

The minimum is 0.2x your bet.  Plinko has several features, including Random Multiplier and more. The game does not have a free spins bonus which is quite unusual.

Plinko Game Review Return To Player

The RTP (Return to Player) for the Plinko slot is 99%. This payback is considered very good and higher than average for an online slot. Theoretically, this means that for every €100 put into the game, the expected payout would be €99. However, the RTP is calculated on millions of spins, which means that the output for each spin is always random.

The highest possible payout for this slot is 1000x your total bet which is rather low and can not give you the really big wins but often have a higher frequency of small wins instead. The maximum possible win is also calculated over a huge number of spins, often one billion.

Plinko Game Review Graphics and Sounds

The graphics in Plinko are extremely simple as the game is played on a blue screen with several very simple graphical elements included. The game is followed by exciting background music and simple sounds of the bouncing ball that make gameplay exciting despite the lack of too much player involvement in the actual gameplay.

Plinko Game Review Mobile Game

Plinko Game Mobile Game

If you’re wondering if you can play Plinko in a mobile app or just a mobile device in general, the answer is yes! The Plinko casino game runs like a charm on both iOS and Android devices, so you can play it whenever you want and wherever you are.

You’ll have to play on a mobile website at some online casinos, while other casinos have downloadable applications for you to download to your device.

The Plinko game app is always free to download and easy to set up, so you won’t have to jump through any hoops just to get the Plinko ball rolling!

Plinko Game Review Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play the Plinko for free?

Yes! You can try our free play demo for fun, without the risk of losing any money, right here on You can also play fake money demos for free at most of our recommended casinos with slots from BGaming.

Where can I play with real money?

To be able to play Plinko with real money, you have to sign up for an account, preferably at one of our recommended online casinos. You can also claim a nice welcome bonus when you sign up as a new player.

Can I win big on the Plinko Game?

Plinko can pay up to 1000x your stake. This means you can win average amounts of 1000€ (when playing with real money) at most when betting 1€.

Where can I find the best BGaming slots?

In our review on the best BGaming slots, you can find our best BGaming slots.

Does the Plinko slot have a progressive jackpot?

Sadly, No! This game doesn’t have a progressive jackpot.

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