Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We at Online Slots Games value our visitor´s privacy. This page will tell you just how we handle things associated with your privacy.

You can use the Online Slots Games “service” through our website. From here on, a “device” stands for any computer or other machine through which you can use our services, including laptops, handhelds, mobile phones, tablets and other consumer electronics.

This privacy policy is valid for any use of our services, no matter how you use them. By using our services, you accept that we may collect, transfer, handle, store, publish and use your information in ways described in this privacy policy.


Online Slots Games collect several different kinds of information on our users. With this information, we can determine, for instance, which areas of our site you are accessing and for how long at a time. This information will help us develop our website and its usability even further.

The visitor’s device (a computer or mobile phone) will transmit this information to us automatically unless the user has activated some blocking method, which is typical in web browsers today.

IP address. Our internet server automatically identifies and saves your computer’s IP address when visiting our site.

Information about your device. We may collect data on your device, including its model, operating system and other possible identifiable information.

Cookies. Our website uses cookies to enhance the usability of our service by collecting data related to your use of our site. With the help of said cookies, we can also identify the visitor again on their subsequent visits to our website.

It is in your power to choose whether your browser uses cookies, and if you want, you can also choose to erase all the cookies later.

Personal information. Sometimes, during a particular campaign or a competition, we might ask our users for their personal contact information such as email address, name, home address, phone number, date of birth, sex, age, profession or personal opinions. When giving us this information, you accept that we may use it for marketing purposes.

However, you can always withdraw your acceptance of these terms by using the link at the end of our emails or by contacting us with our website’s feedback form. Online Slots Games will never sell or give away data from our register.


The personal information you give us can be used, for example, as a means to contact you and tell you about our new content, updates, and offers from our partners.
The collected technical information and data from your use of our site may be used to develop our service and its usability further. However, this kind of data will not be individualised, nor can it be connected with you or the personal information you may have given us in the past.

Online Slots Games does NOT share their users’ personal information with third parties or other organisations. All the possible marketing that may occur will be by Online Slots Games, and you can always withdraw your acceptance of this.

On some occasions, we may share your information with our technical partners’ servers, but even here, the rights to use your information and the property rights remain with Online Slots Games. If we are legally obligated to do so, we may also give information gathered from third parties to the government of Estonia.


Online Slots Games will never collect any information from underage people. The use of our service is only permitted to those who are 18 or over.


Online Slots Games is physically located and operates within the European Economic Area (EEA). If our user’s information is transferred outside of the European Economic Area, too, for example, to one of our technical partner’s servers, the information will always remain appropriately hidden.
The collecting, storing and using of the user’s personal information starts when the user gives us their information. This personal information can then be used and stored for as long as the user does not ask us to erase their information from our database.

When you are using our service, you have the right to:

  • Enquire what kind of information we have stored in our database and ask to see this information for a reasonable cost.
  • Ask to see copies of your personal information for a reasonable cost.
  • Add to or amend your personal information.
  • Ask for us to stop collecting, storing and using your personal information.
  • Ask for us to erase your personal information.

The information on every Online Slots Games user is being stored securely. The access rights for this data have been strictly limited to those employees and partners who need the information to do their job. All this information is transferred using appropriate SSL encryption, and the databases that hold the information are located in safe environments within password-protected databases.

Online Slots Games may link to other websites that have their privacy policies. Online Slots Games are not to be held responsible for third-party services, and we encourage our users to get to know other websites’ privacy policies. Online Slots Games are not to be held responsible for other websites’ content or possible harm their content might cause to our users.


Online Slots Games reserves the right to change this privacy policy anytime. The terms and conditions of this privacy policy are in effect and will be applied to all information collected and used based on this privacy policy. The changes to our privacy policy will always come into effect now that they have been released on our website.


If you have any questions or requests related to this topic at hand, feel free to contact us through our website’s contact form.

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