JetX Game Review

JetX Game Review


JetX Game by SmartSoft Gaming - This Slot Game is perfect for mobile players.

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JetX Game Review

The JetX Game Review – Jet X is a fantastic new online casino game from SmartSoft Gaming inspired by planes, in which players bet on the outcome of aircraft flying higher and increasing their multiplier to win. Even though the game appears to be very simple, it is an advantageous game for players because you can bet as little as 0.10€ and as much as 600€.

Play JetX slot was launched in 2019, and directly after the launch, it became one of the most played games on the market. This game is not only fun to play but super exciting! This game will give you the excitement you are looking for. We can promise you that! The players bet on the outcome of aircraft flying higher and increasing their multiplier to win. Even though the game appears to be very simple, this is a good game for players as you can bet from just 0.10€ up to 600€.

The JetX Game Review – Jet X is fascinating, as this has nothing to do with your talent as an Online Casino player; this is all about luck with a big L, as you never know when the plane will explode. It can explode as soon as it starts to move, but this rarely happens. But it does happen. This game is about how far can you Gamble on Jet X bet. You can play safe, or then you can reach for the stars. Play JetX at 7Signs Casino today!

Jet X bet
JetX Game Review

Once the player starts their gaming session on JetX, they will feel the old-school vibes in the game. In fact, what makes this game unique and attractive is its awesome retro design! During the game session, the player can see the pixelated plane as it will fly across the screen to the sky. The Sky is the limit!

To start the game, you have to decide how much you want to bet, from 0.10 € up to 600 €. Once you press the start button, the plane will JET off the runway and rise to the sky.

You can quit the current game session by pressing the BET button and collect your accumulated winnings. The winnings are determined by the players’ placed bets and winning coefficients as shown in the game’s paytable.

There is only one catch, and if you fail to press the TAKE button before the aircraft explodes, you lose all of your bets!

Jet X Win
JetX Game Review

Jet X is only for the brave, as it takes “GUTS” to play this game. You can win big, or you will only win a bit if the odds are not on your side. You should definitely try this extraordinary way of gaming if you are tired of the traditional way of playing slots.

This has not been done by anyone else before. This is a thrilling game that is changing the Online Casino experience for players all over the world.

There is a new version of this fantastic game, this is JetX3, and it is available in all these casinos!

How to play the JetX Game?

In this article, we will explain how the game works and tell you more about how to play the game or how we played this game. The game looks straightforward, but that is not the case in this “Slot machine.” SmartSoft Gaming has come up with a totally new way of bringing online players a way to play, this game will make you money if you play it smart, but that is boring, so we recommend you have fun!

Then you have the two following options. bet and Collect.

bet is as simple as the word; that is what and how much you want to bet on. Then there is the Collect option. Collect is an option where you can choose at what point the game will stop. So in other words, that can be your safeguard. Did you choose to stop playing at 15.00x your deposit?

Well, at this point, you do not have to do anything else except start the game and see where it goes. We love to play the game, round by round. That is really what makes the game exciting!

This is a game that will change the way players play on online casinos. SmartSoft Gaming brought this crazy Airplane based game on the market a few years ago, not knowing if it would ever work. The JetX Game Review – The game has become super famous and loved by our players. Players have reported wins from 150€ up to the biggest wins of 1598€ on one “spin” or session.

The JetX craft will start from Zero (0) and can go up as high as the sky is the limit… this is not something for the faint of heart players as this really needs nerves of steel to play… are you ready to take the chance and be one of the new lucky winners on JetX?

The JetX Game Review – The Jet X Game Multiplier

Once the game starts, you will see this image in the middle of the screen. This number will tell you how many times you have won your initial bet. So let´s say you made a 10.00€ bet; once you have reached 1.14x, you have won 1.14 times your bet of 10.00€. When playing JetX Game, you will see on the right side the past winners, as you are not the only one playing the game, as there can be several players playing the game simultaneously. This makes this a multiplayer game or even a live game. Look at other players who lose, and you win! It gives a nice extra rush!

Are you ready to Jet out from the comfort of your sofa and living room and start living in the Jet X groove? if so, open your account on our best brands and start rocking the best Online casinos with the best Casino Welcome Bonuses.

When playing JetX Game, you have only a few things to think about, and we will explain all the essentials in this review. To be honest, the game is pretty straightforward. As the idea is to “give up” when you lose hope.. or when you think that you have earned enough to start your next game.

The JetX Game Betting

You can see the last wins on the left side of the game. JetX Game Review – We know that you cannot predict how the game ends, but the sidebar on the left side will give you some information and direction on how the last games ended.

This game has taken French-speaking players by chance! This game has given players thousands of spins and nail-biting excitement. JetX Game Review. Do you want a Jet to the Sky today? Pick your Favourite Online Casino below and start playing today! We have listed the best Casino for you to play on, so you only have to choose the Welcome bonus and click the link.

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