Jammin Jars Game Review

Jammin Jars Game Review

Jammin Jars Game by Push Gaming - This Slot Game is perfect for mobile players.
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Jammin Jars Game Review

Jammin Jars Game Review – Theme

Jammin Jars Game Review – Set the mood on disco and you are ready to start Spinning. Jammin Jars Slot ensures you get your five fruit and veg a day even as you party under its disco ball. With spotlights and dance floor glow patterns in the background, it is a cheerful slot that Push Gaming has done their best to kit out with plenty of vaguely jam-based features.

Jammin Jars Game Review – Graphics and Sound

Jammin Jars Game Review - Graphics and Sound
Jammin Jars Game Review

The animations are clean and well-rendered, with high def visuals and nicely illustrated symbols. Play Jammin Jars at Tortuga Casino today!

The physics of the falling fruit is nicely done and the win animations are quick and varied, making for a visual fruit salad that is constantly changing.

The music is a genuinely horrible funk beat that is best muted immediately on startup.

Unfortunately, there is no option to turn just the music off which means you will also miss out on the actually very good sound that has been done for the game.

Jammin Jars Game Review – Gameplay

Jammin Jars Game Review - Gameplay

Jammin Jars Slot is played on an eight-by-eight cascade-style grid. It offers quite a unique gameplay, which is different than what you might be used to from most popular slots. On each spin, stacked tiles fall in from the top and are then removed from the game when they are part of a winning combination.

This allows a cascade mechanism to kick in, bringing down more tiles from above to fill the empty spaces left by your win. If the new tiles trigger another win it all goes into your pile of winnings for that spin.

Accompanying this are a few well-designed features that complement the theme of the game and are nice variations on the usual set of features you might expect from a slot.

Variety is the spice of life, and it is nice to see games like Jammin Jars Slot innovating with the slot machine format.

Jammin Jars Game Review – Wilds, Bonuses and Free Spins

There are three bonus features.

The first is the Wild jam jar symbol which falls at random.

The jar also gains a multiplier each time it is part of a win. The second win with a given Wild symbol results in a double payout, the third in a triple and so on. The jar remains in place during the cascade. If you manage to land three Wild symbols in one spin (this includes any cascades you trigger), then you trigger the free spins bonus.

Jammin Jars Game Review - Wilds, Bonuses and Free Spins
Jammin Jars Game Review

During free spins, when a Wild is part of a win, it moves randomly into a space left by the win before the cascade falls. The jar, once moved, remains in place during the cascade. During the next spin, it then moves to another adjacent space.

The result of combining multiple Wilds with cascades and constantly increasing multipliers mean that this bonus can result in absolutely massive wins if it goes well.

The third feature can be triggered when you win nothing on a spin. In this case, the game could add a random number of giant symbols of the same kind but varying sizes to the board. These act like every square they cover is one of the same fruit as the giant symbol.

Jammin Jars Game Review – Bet Sizes, RTP and Variance

The Jammin Jar RTP is a decent 96.83%. This is a little over the average of around 96%. Wins tend to be very small from just combos of fruit. The big wins come from hitting the bonus features. As a result, the game can be quite a high variance, a fact to bear when working out your plan for bet sizing.

Conclusion on Jammin Jars Slot Game

Jammin Jars Slot is a fun, fast-paced ride that is worth getting on just for the novelty of it. The variance means there can be long periods of not much happening but when it comes to life, Jammin Jars Slot is a ton of fun and with a decent RTP to go with it, this is a slot we can really recommend.

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