The Full Malta Gaming Authority Review

The Full Malta Gaming Authority Review

The Full Malta Gaming Authority Review – The appearance of online gaming on the table in 2002 surprised the gambling world. However, a member of the European Union was swift to adapt to the new legal regulations. Unlike most European countries, Malta recognised the introduction of online gambling as a great opportunity and offered extended licences to online casino operators. Respectively, a license by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) provides access to the entire European market. In this Malta Gaming Authority review, we will provide you will all the vital information.

The Full Malta Gaming Authority Review
The Full Malta Gaming Authority Review

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is a European regulatory body on the small island of Malta south of Italy. In late 2014/early 2015, the Malta Lottery and Gaming Authority (LGA) rebranded to the Malta Gaming Authority.

The Full Malta Gaming Authority Review – The Malta Gaming Authority are one of the more responsive iGaming regulators in managing a player complaint. Our team has worked closely with the complaint management team at the regulator on several issues and has found their team to be well reasoned, knowledgeable and fair in their assessment of cases and the ruling they provide.

What is the Malta Gaming Authority?

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) was first established in 2001 to regulate all gaming industry sectors in Malta. That includes many forms of gambling, such as land-based casinos, slot machines, betting offices, fantasy sports, lotteries, and online gambling services. Furthermore, the Malta Gaming Authority’s primary objective is to set standards that must be adhered to, thus ensuring the players’ safety.

How does the Gaming Authority Malta Operate?

Following onto the previous sentence of our Malta Gaming Authority review, we are now going to look at how does this non-profit organisation actually operate to prevent crime, corruption, money laundering and protect players.

First, the Malta Gaming Authority battles all of the factors above of insincerity by enforcing very high standards on all companies, including online casinos, on its territory. The Full Malta Gaming Authority Review – The Maltese company will issue a gambling license if the operator meets all the MGA regulator’s criteria. However, the non-profit organisation’s involvement with the companies does not end there. Every holder of an MGA license is a subject of regular testing and investigation, which further guarantees the said company’s trustworthiness.

Throughout the years of its existence, the Gaming Authority Malta has become a widely respected and recognised organisation. Henceforth, the Maltese gambling license has solidified its reputation as a stark guarantee of trustworthiness and legitimacy. Moreover, when gamers play at MGA-regulated casinos, they are sure to expect a high-level service, gameplay quality, and most of all, a fair gambling experience.

Known as the industry gold standard, a Malta gambling license is prized in the EU, is recognized worldwide, and has a solid legitimacy reputation among players. Operators with an MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) license are highly respected. Licensees must run a secure business environment, have strong player protection, ensure the integrity of games and gaming devices, and keep gaming free from criminal activities.

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The Full Malta Gaming Authority Review
Malta Gaming Authority Review
The Full Malta Gaming Authority Review

The Full Malta Gaming Authority Review – Same Old Story with the MGA

This is not the first time the MGA has been linked to organized crime. In 2015, Italian police broke up a massive international gambling ring and seized more than $2.5 billion worth of assets. ‘Ndrangheta members were reportedly among those arrested during the sting. It was revealed that the group operated dozens of gambling sites, many of which were licensed by the MGA. How the MGA continually misses the ties between prospective licensees and powerful criminal groups remains a mystery, but the coincidence is too strong to ignore. Something needs to change.

Malta’s status as a significant regulator makes the story particularly vexing. A license from Malta is generally viewed as a good thing among players and industry types alike. The MGA has licensed some of the world’s biggest brands, yet it can’t stop making sloppy licensing decisions. To be fair, the issue may extend well beyond the Malta Gaming Authority. Malta has been targeted by criminal elements from Italy looking to clean their ill-gotten gains. Whether setting up shell companies in Malta or targeting the island’s gambling industry, the Italian mafia has taken a liking to Malta.

The Different Malta Gaming Authority License Types

Type 1 License

The Type 1 Malta gaming license is for operators who organize games of chance where an RNG (Random Number Generator) determines the result of the games. Examples include online casino games (slots, roulette, blackjack, etc.), live casino games, virtual sports games, bingo, etc.

  • Ideal for online casino operators
  • License validity – 10 years

Type 2 License

The Type 2 Malta gaming license is for operators who organize games of chance where the outcome of an event determines the result. Examples include sports betting, event betting, eSports, etc.

  • Ideal for sportsbook operators
  • Licence validity – 10 years

Type 3 License

The Type 3 Malta gaming license is for operators who organize games of chance that generate revenue through a commission that is based on stakes or prizes. Examples include online poker rooms.

  • Ideal for poker site operators
  • License validity – 10 years

Type 4 License

The Type 4 Malta gaming license is for operators who organize controlled skill games with a result that is decided by aggregated statistical performance. Examples include fantasy sports.

  • Ideal for fantasy sports operators
  • License validity – 10 years
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The Full Malta Gaming Authority Review

The Full Malta Gaming Authority Review – Complaints

The Full Malta Gaming Authority Review - Complaints

Major complaints and other issues players have with Alderney-licensed companies are usually solved professionally. The Gambling Control Commission has a formally documented player complaints procedure, which is accessible via its website.

With Alderney’s commitment to making themselves accessible to gamers and the strict requirements on companies operating there, we regard Alderney as a top-class regulator in the online gambling industry. There are a few safer jurisdictions for you to risk your money while playing online.

Complaints sent to will not be acknowledged or followed up. All information shall be treated with the strictest confidentiality. Or by filling out the online form here!

The Full Malta Gaming Authority Review – Malta gaming license advantages

Secure business environment – iGaming is an essential part of the Maltese economy. The nation has a highly skilled and experienced iGaming workforce. It is also home to many ancillary gaming service providers, such as software, hardware, data, marketing, advertising, and affiliate companies. 

The MGA has agreements with other regulators – The Malta Gaming Authority has built up a solid international reputation. It is on the UK Gambling Commission’s whitelist. As such, many licensees are greenlighted to advertise in the UK market. It also has bilateral agreements with other regulators, cooperating in areas like information sharing.

Tax benefits – Malta’s corporate tax rate is 35%. However, there is a complete tax imputation system in place. Shareholders are entitled to a tax credit equal to the tax paid on the profits for which the dividends were paid. Additionally, the 5% gaming tax is only levied against iGaming revenue generated from players based in Malta.

Gaming friendly with player trust – Malta is known for providing a secure business environment for online gambling operators and its adherence to responsible gaming and anti-money laundering standards. It has a highly-developed legal framework and strong player protection. It has built a reputation of trust among industry organizations and players alike.

The Full Malta Gaming Authority Review – Malta gaming license disadvantages

💩 The application process is lengthy and complex – The application procedure is highly complex and requires various checks, which can take time. The entire process can take anywhere from 3 months to a year, depending on the application, number of applicants, etc.

💩 One of the most expensive iGaming licenses – The Malta gaming license is one of the costliest compared to other regulators. For instance, compared to a Curacao license, which costs between €20,000 – €25,000 and covers all gambling activities, the Type 1 iGaming license (covering only online casino activity) from Malta starts at €36,000. That being said,, it’s not uncommon to pay more for a license with a highly-respected reputation and additional industry perks.

One weakness for the MGA is their current Responsible Gambling policies that could undoubtedly be improved with tightening to ensure that cynical operations do not exploit vulnerable players. Areas we would highlight for improvement specifically would be in applying self-exclusions. Currently, where a player requests a self-exclusion, the exclusion will only be applied to the specific site where the self-exclusion is requested.

This means there is no obligation on the license holder to prevent the excluded player from registering/playing with other sites they run. From a moral position, we find it problematic that a company that are aware of a player having a gambling problem can be considered to be behaving acceptably to accept other play from that player simply because it occurs on a different URL.

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