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How to Play the Top 5 Casino Slots

In this post, we will discuss How to Play the Top 5 Casino Slots of 2022. Firstly we will take a look at how online slots work and then which online casinos offer these casino games, and we are not going to forget to tell you the highlights of these online casinos. Then we will talk about the actual casino slots and what is the best way to play and win!

How to Play the Top 5 Casino Slots
How to Play the Top 5 Casino Slots

Slot machines are the heart and soul of every single online casino, and they also are the most played casino games in the gaming world. There are thousands of slots and hundreds of casino game studios worldwide. We cannot talk about them all, as that post would be too long, and no one would ever have the energy to read it.

Today we will concentrate on the top casino slots to play and the game studios behind them. We will dive into the world of casino gaming at its best. If you want to increase your chances of winning when playing slots, this is a review that you should read. After this, you will know how to play the top 5 casino slots.

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How to Play the Top 5 Casino Slots

First things first! Let´s talk about slots and what they are. A slot machine is a “machine” with symbols that are spread randomly, and each symbol has its own value. Then the slot machine has paylines that can point in any direction, and then lastly, it has the reels where the symbols are set.

casino slot machine paylines
How to Play the Top 5 Casino Slots

In this picture of the famous Book of Ra Slot, you can see how the paylines are set; what this means is that every time you get the correct symbols on the needed payline, you will win the value that has been stated in the game.

The win amount will change depending on your bet, as let´s say that the symbol Q has a value of 0.20€ when you make a bet of 0.10€. Get three Q symbols on the payline, and you win 0.20€.

Now, if your bet is bigger, then the win obviously is more significant. So let’s say you are betting 1€ per spin. Then the win will potentially increase.

This is the basics of how a slot machine works, but to keep a player excited and offer the player more “wow moments”, the game studios have added features to the slots (Not All Slots have features). Classic Slots are an excellent example of games that do not have features, as they are supposed to imitate the original slot machines that did not have them.

What are the Features in Slot Machines?

There are several different features depending on the game studio, but today we will talk about the four (4) most popular features offered today. They are “WILDS”, “MULTIPLIERS”, “IN-GAME FREE SPINS,” and the newest feature that came a few years ago, the “BONUS BUY FEATURE” These have been added to make the game more exciting and entertaining.

Wilds – The primary function of a Wild symbol is to substitute for other game symbols and help make winning combinations. Many slots allow them to perform this task for all except Scatters and other special symbols that can start bonus games. Wilds usually land randomly, but in some games, they only appear on particular reels.

Multipliers – Multipliers do what their name suggests. They multiply bets, line wins, and total wins by a certain amount to significantly increase player winnings. The multiplier amount is usually between 2x and 10x, but for some slots, it can be as high as 1000x, 2000x or even 10.000x!

Free Spins – Free Spins are an extra reward you are given to you manage to get particular symbols to match; they can be “SCATTERS” or “WILDS” or a particular symbol like a “JOKER“. How many symbols you get will determine the amount of the “FREE SPINS” awarded.

Typically slots give 5, 10, 15 or 20 free spins. When you win free spins, the spins are played in a separate window that opens on top of the slot you are playing, and this is not to disturb the game you are playing at that moment. You can win more free spins in the free spin game.

Bonus Buy Features – Now, this has become one of the most used bonus features in the past year; we believe that it is purely due to the excitement it brings when you buy the feature or then it can be due to the simple fact that you know that you will win in this feature. How much you will win is never guaranteed, but a win is guaranteed.

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Casino Bonus Buy Features

Because this feature is so popular, as we just stated, let´s take a deeper look at the Bonus Buy Features as they are exciting, and we think you might enjoy reading this part. Due to their popularity, several online casinos have added them beside regular filters, like Live Casino and Table Games. You will find “Bonus Buy Games” on so many online casinos these days.

What is a Bonus Buy Feature?

You can only use this feature if you are playing with real money, and you can buy a guaranteed win. The amount of the win will depend on the bet you have. This means that if you have a 1€ bet, buying a bonus feature can cost you 10€, and if you have a bet of 3€, then the feature will cost you 30€ and so on.

Casino Bonus Buy Feature
How to Play the Top 5 Casino Slots

This feature has become particularly popular among High Rollers and VIP players because this takes the excitement of the game to a new level. The High Rollers typically buy features that cost anything from 500€ to 5000€.

What makes this so exciting is that you can win anything from 10.000€ to 100.000€, or if you have terrible luck, the win can be as small as 10€. So you might now understand why the feature is so thrilling.

How to Play the Top 5 Casino Slots

Now let’s look at what it takes to make an online slot machine, as this is interesting and has a lot more into it than you might think. The first thing is that you need a game studio that is regulated and licensed to make casino games.

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Yes, not anyone can just start creating casino games, the studio has to be regulated by the proper gaming authorities, and they need to have a third-party tester that will test the games before the game can be released to the public. But this is not even close to it yet, and these are only the regulatory parts that the game studio cannot function without. BMM Testlabs is an excellent example of this, and they have been operating for over 40 years.

If you are getting bored, you can skip this part, as next, we will reveal the top 5 online casinos and then we will tell you all about the top 5 slots to play in 2022. This is the last part needed to create a fully functioning slot machine.

To create a slot machine, the studio will need these five (5) following roles:

A Designer – An Engineer – A Content writer – A Story Designer – Several People to Test the Game.

Once the game has an idea and a storyline, it will go to the artist team and design team, then the game has an idea and how it will work, the engineers will start their part of the work, and the game testers will be testing the game from the beginning to the end with several devices. The content writer is responsible for ensuring that the game rules and all texts are in several languages. Typically casino slots are translated into about twenty (20) languages.

Top 5 Online Casinos of 2022

These online casinos have been selected as they offer players the largest selection of casino games. Their game portfolios are full of the best casino games from top-notch game studios. If you keep reading, you can discover more regarding the game studios, but if you trust us, pick your favourite, register and start playing the best casino games. Do you know how to play the top 5 slots? If you are unsure what the best slots to play are, keep reading, as the next part will be all about the slots and why we have chosen these top 5 slot machines for this review.

The Top 5 Slot Machines of 2022

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As we promised, now we are going to reveal the top five slots that you have to play this year, these have proven to be the best slots, and they have paid out players the most this year. But it is not as easy as you might think. You cannot simply just open a game and start playing. Well, that is what the casinos want. But there is a smarter way, and we will share that information with you now. The key to playing smart is much more straightforward than you can imagine.

The first thing you have to do is when you get to the casino and either register or then just come back to the casino. Once you are logged into your account, go to the front page of the casino’s website and look at the “LAST WINNERS” section and then the newest online casinos also have a section where you can see the most played casino games. At least Arlequin Casino has one. You can see what slots have paid out the most in the past hour, day or 24 hours. Now those are the games you should avoid. Read the full post on How to Play the Top 5 Casino Slots.

You want to play the casino games that have not been played so much that day. They have a new algorithm, which will raise your chances of winning big! 

Then the second tip for playing smart is that you have to understand that the RTP or Return To Player plays a critical role when playing slots, and if you play the game correctly, this will also increase your chances of winning.

What does Return To Player stand for?

RTP is Return to player and what this means is that if a slot has an RTP of 96% and you bet 100€, it means that the return is 96€, but you have to keep in mind that this does not work one-to-one. We mean that if you bet 100€, you will not win 96€ back. The game will give it over a period of time, and here is where the secret lies!

How to play slots with a High RTP?

Play fewer spins but with higher bets. If you were playing a slot with a Lower RTP, you should be Many spins with Low bets and then when playing a slot with a high RTP, do 10-20 spins with a bet average of 5€ – 10€, and then if it hits, you will be pleased, if not, then you should either try another slot with a high RTP or then go to medium RTP slots.

Now it has come the time to reveal the top 5 slots. Here they are, and we hope you have enjoyed reading this review. No, it is not over, but we are just saying thanks, as you have gotten this far.

Top 5 Slot Machines to play in 2022

Top 5 Game Studios in 2022

NetEnt – Netent is a Swedish company founded in 1996 and is among the most successful online casino software providers.

PlayNGo – Play’n GO is a company that was founded in 1997 and has launched hundreds of unique games in no less than 30 different languages. 

Microgaming – Microgaming was one first companies to start making online casino games, and it was founded in 1994; this company is the standard for casino games.

Pragmatic Play – Pragmatic Play was founded in 2015, and this is the game studio that started making high and extremely high volatile slots in 2018; and they have the highest paying slots.

Yggdrasil Gaming – Yggdrasil Gaming was founded in 2013, and this company has kept to its roots; most of their slots are Nordic based/Viking-themed, and their slots are either high volatile or extremely high volatile slots.

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