Bonus Poker Game Review

Bonus Poker Game Review

Bonus Poker Game by Quickfire Gaming - This Slot Game is perfect for mobile players.
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Bonus Poker Game Review

Bonus Poker Game Review – How To Play?

Bonus Poker is based on Jacks or Better video poker, so gameplay is similar. You start by inserting money into the Bonus Poker machine, and the screen updates to display the number of credits you have. You then decide how many coins you want to play for—1 to 5. Play Bonus Poker at Tortuga Casino!

Bonus Poker Game Review
Bonus Poker Game Review

The computer then deals you a virtual hand of 5 cards. Video poker is based on draw poker, so you’re allowed to discard between 0 and 5 cards. The computer then deals you new cards to replace the ones you discarded. Based on the poker rank of your final hand, you get a payout, based on the pay table for the game.

In Jacks or Better video poker, the lowest paying hand is a pair of Jacks or Better, and the highest paying hand is a Royal Flush. Bonus Poker offers bonus payouts for the 4 of a Kind hand, based on what rank the cards are as part of that hand.

Since the odds of getting a particular hand are based on a standard 52 card deck of cards, you can calculate the appropriate strategy to maximize your odds of winning. You can also determine the payback percentage for the game, which is something that’s impossible to do with slot machines.

The reason should be clear, but in case it isn’t—you know the odds of getting a particular card out of a 52 card deck. There are only 4 cards of each rank, and there are only 13 cards of each suit.

But with a slot machine, you cannot know the odds of a particular symbol coming up. Even though you know the payout for a particular combination, you have no idea the odds of hitting that combination.

Bonus Poker Game Review – Info

Bonus Poker Game Review - Info
Bonus Poker Game Review

Bonus Poker by Quickfire is played with a single deck of 52 cards shuffled before each game starts. Depending on the number of lines the player has chosen, on the screen there can be a single hand or up to 25 hands.

The game starts with the main hand receiving five face-up cards. The player gets to choose which cards to keep and which to discard.

The kept cards then are shown on every single hand as the system reveals the final results. The game’s objective is to get as good poker hand as possible.

Giving commands on Bonus Poker is extremely easy since players must use the mouse arrow to click on the cards to keep or discard them and then click on the deal button to continue with the game.

How to Learn Bonus Poker Strategy

How to Learn Bonus Poker Strategy

Bonus Poker strategy might look daunting at first, but it won’t take long to learn how to play perfectly. You can always print out the strategy and take it with you. Or you can pick up one of the basic strategy cards for the game.

Here’s a great way to learn how to play perfect Bonus Poker strategy. Print out the strategy chart listed above. Don’t try to memorize it or waste time reading it repeatedly.

Then sign up for a free account at one of the online casinos recommended on this web site and find the Bonus Poker video poker game. Start playing and check for the correct strategy on every single hand.

Don’t get in a hurry and start skipping your strategy chart until you are 100% sure what the correct play is. As you continue playing, you’ll quickly learn well over 90% of the correct plays.

It’s important that you don’t make any mistakes, so always check your chart if you have any questions about the proper play at all. Every mistake you make increases the edge the casino holds over you.

You’ll be surprised at how soon you can play with only checking your strategy chart occasionally.

Why Play Bonus Poker?

Why Play Bonus Poker?
Bonus Poker Game Review

If you’re studying video poker games, you probably know (if you can find them) that some Jacks or Better games and Deuces Wild games offer higher paying machines.

You may also know that the proper strategy for Jacks or Better is easier to learn than the one for Bonus Poker.

But you may not know that it’s becoming harder to find the top-paying Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better machines.

Many casinos that don’t offer the best machines do offer the top Bonus Poker machines, making them the best choice in many casinos.

It can be hard to remember the correct strategy for all three of the most popular games, so if I am going out to enjoy a few games of video poker I take the strategy for each of them with me.

I never worry about getting in a real hurry while playing video poker like some players because I view it as a form of entertainment.

In the long run I’ll probably lose at video poker, but with comps and player’s club perks it won’t cost me much. So if I play 100 fewer hands an hour than someone else, I can actually enjoy my video poker play longer. Once you set a leisurely pace of play, you won’t feel the difference between a couple hundred hands per hour and five hundred hands per hour.

I mentioned playing video poker as a form of entertainment. It’s none of my business how you view your gambling, but the players I’m around that seem to be the happiest are the ones that understand that the casino does have an edge over them while they are playing video poker.

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